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Creating beautiful timeless portraits of your children and family to cherish for generations

Olivia Wakefield photo collage

How my session work

We work together to create beautiful memories of your children and your family. My sessions are relaxed and fun, you can come into my studio in Porirua or we can head to one of my many favourite spots in the area to capture memories that reflect each and every member of your precious family.  

A few days after your session I will invite you back into my studio to view and choose your favourite images and we will have a chat around what style of artwork you would like to add to your home. I have a range of products and packages to choose from depending on how you would like your images displayed and what your budget allows. My packages start from $495 with most of my families spending between $650-$1500. 

What to wear

Coordinate, Don't Match

Gone are the days of everyone wearing the exact same outfit. Instead, opt for coordinating colors and styles that complement each other. This approach adds visual interest to the photos while allowing each family member to showcase their individual personality.

Consider the Setting

Take into account the location of the photoshoot when selecting outfits. For outdoor sessions, earthy tones and soft pastels often work well, while bold and vibrant colors can pop against urban backdrops. Dressing appropriately for the setting can elevate the overall aesthetic of the images.

Avoid Loud Patterns

While a touch of pattern can add depth to the photos, it's best to avoid loud, clashing patterns/logos that distract from the people in the images. Subtle patterns or textures can add visual interest without overwhelming the composition.

Accessorise Thoughtfully

Accessories can be a great way to add flair to your ensemble. Consider tasteful accessories such as scarves, hats, or statement jewellery to enhance the overall look. However, be mindful not to overdo it—simplicity often speaks volumes in family portraits.

How to display your photos

As a portrait photographer, my decision to offer prints, albums, and canvases alongside digital copies stems from an appreciation for the tangible and enduring value of physical photographs. While digital images undoubtedly offer convenience and accessibility, they lack the sensory experience and emotional connection that physical prints provide.

Printed artworks transcend the ephemeral nature of digital files, becoming cherished heirlooms that can be passed down through generations. There's a profound satisfaction in holding a beautifully crafted print or flipping through a meticulously designed album, where each page tells a story frozen in time. These tangible representations serve as tangible reminders of cherished moments, evoking nostalgia and emotion in ways that pixels on a screen simply cannot replicate.

Moreover, prints, albums, and canvases offer a level of craftsmanship and quality that enhances the visual impact of the images. From the texture of fine art paper to the vibrant colors rendered on archival canvas, each medium adds depth and character to the photograph, transforming it into a piece of art worthy of display. By offering these physical products, I aim to provide my clients with not just images, but timeless keepsakes that enrich their lives and spaces for years to come.

Fine Art prints
(with digital files)

Your precious memories printed on museum grade archival Fine Art paper

Our beautiful Fine Art prints are printed onto museum grade Fine Art paper, guaranteed to stand the test of time. You can choose to take them home with a white matboard surround ready to pop straight into a frame or request a custom frame from our local framer. 

Packages from $495

Photo Albums
(with digital files)

A gorgeous addition to your coffee table!

Beautifully crafted photo albums made here in New Zealand by Queensberry. My albums are a flush-mount photo book so they lay flat when opened. All presented in a soft velvet bag.

Albums from $1695

Album example

(with digital files)

Create your own statement artworks on your wall

These gorgeous raw woodblocks are handmade in the Netherlands by a small team at The Original Photoblocks. Your image(s) are printed and adhered to the woodblocks and finished with a UV protective layer to stand the test of time. Choose one statement piece or a collection to create a stunning bespoke art piece at home.

From $295


(with digital files)

A classic timeless art piece that suits any home

Canvases are such a versatile option for displaying your precious memories. They look great as a large signature piece or select a number of images to great a stunning montage!

From $295

Large canvas.jpg

Digital files

Fully edited high resolution digital images

All of my packages listed above come with the matching digital files. However, if you are unsure what artworks you would like then a digital file package could work for you

Packages from $695

Business Breakfast


Create your memories today!

My session fee is $150 (up to 6 people) and $250 for more than 6 people, this covers my time (and travel for on-location sessions), and use of my props/backdrops. It does not include any digital files or product(s).

My packages cover a range of budgets with most of my families spending between $495 to $1800. I have an EFTPOS machine in my studio for your convenience as well as Laybuy and AfterPay as a payment options too!

Please contact me for a more information on my pricing

Investment and Specials

Olivia and Rosie collab!

Book a newborn photo session and

receive a pair of foot casting keepsakes

An exclusive collaboration between Olivia Wakefield Photography and Rosie’s Casting Studio. Capture a moment of your newest family member in both photo and sculpture.

What's Included:

  • A personalised newborn and family photo session 

  • One fully edited high resolution digital photo of your choice

  • A lifecasting session at Rosie’s Casting Studio

  • A pair of freestanding hand & foot casts


Circle copy.jpg

Newborn mini

Perfect for families looking for a beautiful yet budget-friendly way to capture precious moments with their new baby.

What's included;

  • 60-minute photo shoot

  • Baby only and family photos 

  • 3-4 adorable newborn setups

  • 10 professionally edited digital images.


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